Series 1
Number: 1 
Name: Pirate Lion 
Japanese Name: White Leo 
Beast Name: Percival 
Description: White lion with blue armor, patch on right eye. 
Armament: Silver White Beamer sword 
Stats: Lost eye in battle with Bloodthirsty Bison. Brave, independent, with strong sense of justice. Led first Battle Beast escape.  
Enemies: Ossified Orangutan, Powerhouse Mouse 
Voice sounds like: James Garner
Number: 2 
Name: Deer Stalker 
Japanese Name: Big Serow (Not to be confused with "Little Serow," Fleet-Footed Antelope) 
Beast Name: Titus 
Description: Brown deer in green armor. 
Armament:  Silver crescent Big Boomerang blade. Cybernetic drill weapon on left arm. 
Stats: Lost left forearm in battle with Slasher Seahorse. Has strong creative urges. Likes to doodle. 
Voice sounds like: Kirk Douglas
Number: 3 
Name: Ferocious Tiger 
Japanese Name: Goldar 
Beast Name: Crockett 
Description: Yellow tiger in brown armor. 
Armament: Silver double-headed Baton-Gol mace. Missile stack on left shoulder fires miniature exploding rockets. 
Stats: Very curious 
Voice sounds like: John Travolta
Number: 4 
Name: Colonel Bird 
Japanese Name: Flykick 
Beast Name: Merlin 
Description: White eagle in light blue armor 
Armament: Silver-winged Flying Typhoon battleaxe/ halberd. Sharp claws on feet. 
Stats: One of seven flying Battle Beasts. <1> Can fly high and fast. Considerate and tactful. 
Enemies: Harttop Tortoise 
Voice sounds like: Charlton Heston
Number: 5 
Name: Killer Carp 
Japanese Name: Killer Fish 
Beast Name: Commodore 
Description: White fish in pink armor 
Armament: Silver Killer Anchor battleaxe. Strong jaws, sharp teeth. Armor carries special 10-minute stealth mode feature. 
Stats: Fast swimmer. Adept in use of words. Carries notebook to write down interesting phrases. 
Enemies: Miner Mole 
Voice sounds like: Christopher Lee
Number: 6 
Name: Triple Threat Shake 
Japanese Name: Snake Bomb 
Beast Name: Horus 
Description: Green snake in blue armor 
Armament: Silver Bomb Saberer glaive 
Stats: Tentacles for arms, hands genetically engineered to look like snake heads. Self-motivated, confident and resourceful. 
Voice sounds like: Vincent Price.
Number: 7 
Name: Horny Toad 
Japanese Name: Drillfrog 
Beast Name: Constantine, "The Toad Warrior" 
Description: Green frog in red armor 
Armament: Silver-rivited Log Driller glaive, spike weapon replaces left hand 
Stats: Lost left hand in battle with Frenzied Flamingo. Compassionate; Emotional. Feels empathy with wounded opponents. 
Voice sounds like: Humphrey Bogart
Number: 8  
Name: Sledgehammer Elephant  
Japanese Name: Elephan  
Beast Name: Thor 
Description: Lavender elephant in black armor 
Armament: Silver Elehammer lance, hammer weapon replaces left hand 
Stats: Lost left hand in battle with Pillager Pig. Violent temper, yet feels guilt. 
Voice sounds like: George C. Scott
Number: 9 
Name: Rocky Rhino 
Japanese Name: Graysharp 
Beast Name: Remington 
Description: Gray rhinoceros with yellow armor 
Armament: Silver Sharpener halberd 
Stats: Left-handed, limps on right leg due to battle with Hare-Raising Rabbit. Direct, truthful. Photographic memory.   
Voice sounds like: Bruce Willis
Number: 10 
Name: Roamin' Buffalo 
Japanese Name: Violet-Horn 
Beast Name: Janaka 
Description: Brown buffalo with yellow armor 
Armament: Golden anchor-shaped Okron battleaxe, retractable claw replaces left hand. "Cyber-armor" contains various hidden weapons 
Stats: Lost left hand in battle with Major Moose. Inventive; Original. 
Voice sounds like: Sylvester Stallone
Number: 11 
Name: Grizzly Bear 
Japanese Name: Battle Bear 
Beast Name:  Argus 
Description: Brown bear in blue armor 
Armament: Golden Great Battler axe 
Stats: Very strong. Dislikes responsibility. Prefers to be follower, not leader. Battle cry: "Hoo-ah!" 
Voice sounds like: Terry Bradshaw
Number: 12 
Name: Blitzkrieg Bat 
Japanese Name: Devilbat 
Beast Name: Caesar 
Description: Tan bat in brown armor 
Armament: Golden Devil Weaver glaive, hook replaces left hand 
Stats: Lost left eye in battle with Gruesome Gator. Lost left hand in battle with War Weasel. One of seven flying Battle Beasts. Can fly in complete darkness. Manic-depressive. Angers easily. 
Voice sounds like: Hulk Hogan
Number: 13 
Name: Gargantuan Gorilla 
Japanese Name: Bonga 
Beast Name: Hyperion 
Description: Black gorilla in red armor 
Armament: Golden Bonga Saber glaive 
Stats: Vegetarian. Gracious, constructive. Quickly absorbs and retains information. 
Enemies: Bloodthirsty Bison 
Voice sounds like: Ernest Borgnine
Number: 14 
Name: Swiny Boar 
Japanese Name: Wild Thunder 
Beast Name: Chicago, "The Mechanic" 
Description: Purple boar in blue armor 
Armament: Golden Thunder Bar glaive, sharp tusks 
Stats: High energy level. Emotional. 
Enemies: King Cobra 
Voice sounds like: Sydney Greenstreet
Number: 15 
Name: Gruesome Gator 
Japanese Name: Alligatoron 
Beast Name: Khan 
Description: White alligator in olive armor 
Armament: Golden Allistretcher axe, stealth mode feature in armor allows him to become invisible for 5 minutes at a time 
Stats: Perceptive and sensitive. 
Enemies: Blitzkrieg Bat 
Voice sounds like: Burgess Meredith
Number: 16 
Name: Sly Fox 
Japanese Name: B-Fox 
Beast Name: Kendo 
Description: Tan fox in white & blue armor 
Armament: Golden compass B-Star glaive 
Stats: One of only four female Battle Beasts. <2>  Exceptional at hand-to-hand fighting. Calm under pressure. 
Voice sounds like: Elizabeth Taylor
Number: 17 
Name: Hardtop Tortoise 
Japanese Name: Black Turtle 
Beast Name: Maximillion 
Description: Black tortoise in orange armor 
Armament: Golden fleur-de-lis-shaped Black Spark glaive, green cybernetic pincer claws replace left hand 
Stats: Irritable, insulting. Lost left forearm in battle with Colonel Bird.  
Voice sounds like: Don Rickles
Number: 18 
Name: Rubberneck Giraffe 
Japanese Name: Yellow Giraffe 
Beast Name: Wallace 
Description: Yellow giraffe in blue armor 
Armament: Golden antler Low-G Bar axe 
Stats: Hates to be called "Stretch". Quick thinker. Can easily cope with sudden emergencies. 
Voice sounds like: Burt Lancaster
Number: 19 
Name: Prickly Porcupine 
Japanese Name: Hedgehog 
Beast Name: Bernardo or Spike 
Description: Gray porcupine in yellow armor 
Armament: Silver Higrinder trident, spikes all over armor 
Stats: Uptight, overly-sensitive. Greedy with food. 
Voice sounds like: Richard Nixon
Number: 20 
Name: Sawtooth Shark  
Japanese Name: Badshark  
Beast Name: Typhoon 
Description: Light blue shark in blue armor 
Armament: Dark silver Backspin trident, sharp teeth 
Stats: Thoughtful. Insightful. Learns from mistakes. 
Voice sounds like: Patrick Stewart
Number: 21 
Name: Danger Dog 
Japanese Name: Bowdog 
Beast Name: Ace 
Description: Brown dog, green armor with yellow knee pads 
Armament: Dog Fighter weapon 
Stats: Factual and objective. Likes to argue, and is good at it. 
Voice sounds like: Mel Gibson
Number: 22 
Name: Hare-Raising Rabbit 
Japanese Name: Rabbit Kid 
Beast Name: Oberon 
Description: Aqua-colored rabbit in teal-green armor 
Armament: Rabbit Spear 
Stats: Vegetarian. Impatient, hyperactive, loud. 
Enemies: Rocky Rhino 
Voice sounds like: Jeff Goldblum
Number: 23 
Name: Sir Sire Horse 
Japanese Name: Bluehorse 
Beast Name: Akira 
Description: Aqua-colored horse in blue armor 
Armament: Tomahorse weapon 
Stats: Vegetarian. Respects other people's viewpoint. Battle cry: "Charge!" 
Voice sounds like: George Kennedy
Number: 24 
Name: War Weasel 
Japanese Name: Giada 
Beast Name: Texas 
Description: Red weasel in blue armor 
Armament: Riveter gun replaces left hand, Lenskia weapon 
Stats: Lost left hand in rematch battle with Blitzkrieg Bat. Bitter, fierce, ruthless fighter. Battle cry: "Cry havoc, and unleash the weasels of war!"
Enemies: Blitzkrieg Bat 
Voice sounds like: James Earl Jones
Number: 25 
Name: Bloodthirsty Bison 
Japanese Name: Gray Ox 
Beast Name: Grendel 
Description: Brown bison in purple armor 
Armament: Tomahorn weapon, steel claw replaces left hand 
Stats: Works well under pressure. Lost left hand in battle with Gargantuan Gorilla. Enjoys music. 
Enemies: Pirate Lion 
Voice sounds like: Rod Steiger
Number: 26 
Name: Bighorn Sheep 
Japanese Name: Bomb-Sheep 
Beast Name: Montana 
Description: Blue bighorn sheep in gray armor 
Armament: Bomb Scissors weapon, claws on shoulders 
Stats: Vegetarian. Whining, overly bossy, big mouthed complainer. 
Voice sounds like: Patrick McGoohan
Number: 27 
Name: Webslinger Spider 
Japanese Name: Deathspider 
Beast Name: Equinox 
Description: Gray spider in violet armor, superfluous legs growing out of shoulders 
Armament: Deathbinder glaive 
Stats: Easily angered. Moody and self-centered. Lost 2 fingers of left hand in battle with Armored Armadillo.  
Voice sounds like: Richard Dreyfus
Number: 28 
Name: Crusty Crab 
Japanese Name: Crab-Hit 
Beast Name: Orion 
Description: Red crab in brown armor 
Armament: Silver-gray Crab Scissors crab-claw axe, claws for hands 
Stats: Factual and objective. Likes to get his own way. 
Voice sounds like: Ronald Reagan

Killer Carp and Gruesome Gator, in stealth mode
(Hasbro actually released limited edition clear plastic versions of these characters.)

Hasbro marketed vehicles to go along with the Battle Beasts: the Battle Chariots.
From left: the Deer Stalker, the Tearin' Tiger, and the Big Horn.
The mouth on each chariot would snap as the vehicles were rolled along.

<1> There are seven Battle Beasts with the ability to fly:  #4 Colonel Bird, #12 Blitzkrieg Bat, # 46 Knight Owl, # 49 Squire Squirrel, #70 Harrier Hawk, #72 Crooked Crow, and # 73 Frenzied Flamingo. Beast #63 Rowdy Rooster has wings, but they are not strong enough for flight.

<2>  There are four female Battle Beasts:  #16 Sly Fox, # 34 Delta Chameleon, #64 Musky Ox, and #68 Bodacious Bovine.

Updated October, 2006.
Original List by J.Arnold, 1998. Specifications in bold are from Hasbro documentation; "Japanese Names" were the name the toys were sold under in Japan; all other listings original by me.  Pictures from various Internet sources, including Ebay, the late Battle Beast Headquarters, Men in Black, &  The Battle Beast Center.

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