Number: 53 
Name: Panzer Panda 
Japanese Name: Strong Panda 
Beast Name: Berlin 
Description: Black & white panda in red armor 
Armament: Strong Aid sword 
Stats: Eccentric, impulsive. Battle cry: "Who's next?" 
Voice sounds like: Wesley Snipes
Number: 54 
Name: Leapin' Lizard 
Japanese Name: Leapin' Lizard 
Beast Name: Claymore 
Description: Brown frilled lizard in blue armor 
Armament: Gray Teleprojector sword 
Stats: Talented and inventive, but easily discouraged. Can jump three times his height 
Voice sounds like: William Shatner
Number: 55 
Name: Killer Koala 
Japanese Name: Koala Gray 
Beast Name: Dalton 
Description: Gray koala bear in olive-colored armor 
Armament: Gray Iron Axe battleaxe 
Stats: Vegetarian; eucalyptus leaves drive him crazy. A pioneer spirit devoted to work and the quest for knowledge. Hearing augmented by sonic receiver in left ear 
Voice sounds like: Paul Hogan
Number: 56 
Name: Tarsier Tyrant 
Japanese Name: Demonkey 
Beast Name: Altair 
Description: Brown tarsier in green armor. Sensitive to bright light, mutated left hand 
Armament: Demon Waver sword 
Stats: Very intelligent and able to influence people. Good politician, but indulgant. 
Voice sounds like: David Niven
Number: 57 
Name: Black Panther 
Japanese Name: Black Jaguar 
Beast Name: Zeus 
Description: Black jaguar in aqua-colored armor. Wears green good-luck amulet over element badge 
Armament: Gray Hyper Beam spear with handguard 
Stats: A sensitive deep thinker who is true blue with friends. A dreamer. 
Voice sounds like: Frank Sinatra
Number: 58  
Name: Torrential Tapir 
Japanese Name: Dream-Eater 
Beast Name: Claudius 
Description: White tapir in green armor. Lost left hand in battle with Manic Mandrill. 
Armament: Gray Quick Dreamer forked scimitar, electric cutting shears replace left hand. 
Stats: Impulsive and blunt, but honest. 
Voice sounds like: Paul Newman
Number: 59 
Name: King Cobra 
Japanese Name: Cobrander 
Beast Name: Apollo, "The Pain Master" 
Description: Brown cobra in purple armor. Lost left thumb in battle with Swiny Boar. 
Armament: Mahilacore sword/ake 
Stats: Patronizing, interfering, short tempered. Can't stand cold weather. 
Voice sounds like: Clint Eastwood
Number: 60 
Name: Manic Mandrill 
Japanese Name: Baboon 
Beast Name: Sebastian 
Description: Gray & blue mandrill in brown armor 
Armament: Gray Babooner halberd 
Stats: Courage, confidence, quick-wits, and an aggressive self-assertiveness. 
Enemies: Torrential Tapir 
Voice sounds like: Bruce Dern
Number: 61  
Name: Pixalated Pointer  
Japanese Name: Dog Hunter  
Beast Name: Shiloh 
Description: Brown pointer dog with yellow nose, blue armor 
Armament: Gray Beam Hunter mech-halberd, shines bright light at opponent 
Stats: Thirsty for knowledge. Loyal to friends. 
Voice sounds like: Tom Hanks
Number: 62  
Name: Pillager Pig 
Japanese Name: Buupink 
Beast Name: Gideon 
Description: Pink pig in red armor 
Armament: Gray Gourmenia spear 
Stats: A fighting spirit- aggressive & courageous. 
Enemies: Sledgehammer Elephant 
Voice sounds like: Dennis Quaid
Number: 63  
Name: Rowdy Rooster 
Japanese Name: Laser-Cock 
Beast Name: Tristan 
Description: White rooster in light blue armor 
Armament: Gray double-bladed Valiant Laser spear 
Stats: Superfluous wings: can not fly. Wise and intense, but vain. Will never admit mistakes. 
Voice sounds like: James Cagney
Number: 64  
Name: Musky Ox 
Japanese Name: Musk-Horn 
Beast Name: Sudan 
Description: Gray musk ox in dark green armor 
Armament: Gray Mind Saber broadsword 
Stats: One of four female Battle Beasts. Talented and affectionate, yet shy. 
Voice sounds like: Shelly Winters
Number: 65  
Name: Tangolin' Pangolin 
Japanese Name: Pangol 
Beast Name: Zamir, "The Whirlwind" 
Description: Brown pangolin in peach-colored armor. 
Armament: Purple Living Stone mace, wears claw gauntlet on left hand 
Stats: Cheerful and popular, but impatient. 
Voice sounds like: James Colburn
Number: 66  
Name: Slowpoke Sloth 
Japanese Name: Slo 
Beast Name: Gilgamesh 
Description: White sloth in olive & orange armor 
Armament: Slo-Bar spear 
Stats: Vegetarian. Methodical, calculating. Patient, persistant, and faster than he looks. 
Voice sounds like: Jimmy Stewart
Number: 67 
Name: Ardent Aardvark 
Japanese Name: Earthhog 
Beast Name: Dimitrius 
Description: White aardvark in orange armor. Lost left hand in battle with Zealot Zebra 
Armament: Purple Earth Scenery trident. Claw pincer replaces left hand 
Stats: Reckless, patronizing. Lies under pressure. 
Enemies: Zealot Zebra 
Voice sounds like: Clark Gable 
Number: 68  
Name: Bodacious Bovine 
Japanese Name: White Cow 
Beast Name: Valencia 
Description: White cow in purple armor 
Armament: Purple Bread & Butter scimitar 
Stats: One of only four female Battle Beasts. Photographic memory. Can't take criticism. 
Voice sounds like: Wynona Ryder
Number: 69 
Name: Zealot Zebra 
Japanese Name: Zebra-Ball 
Beast Name: Gabriel 
Description: White zebra (no stripes) in purple and gray armor. Lost left forearm in battle with Pew-trid Skunk.  
Armament: Super Zebra machete. Electrical shock prod replaces left forearm. 
Stats: Bright, inspiring and easy going. 
Enemies: Ardent Aardvark,  Pew-trid Skunk 
Voice sounds like: Robert Logia
Number: 70  
Name: Harrier Hawk 
Japanese Name: Eagle Killer 
Beast Name: Zulu 
Description: Gray hawk in aqua-colored armor 
Armament: Skeleton Killer sword. Hydraulics in leggings allows him to leap high into air 
Stats: One of seven flying Battle Beasts. Passionate and determined. 
Voice sounds like: Tommy Lee Jones
Number: 71  
Name: Driving Duckbill 
Japanese Name: Duck Diver 
Beast Name: Ming 
Description: Gray duckbilled platypus in brown armor 
Armament: Purple serrated Aqua Barrier halberd. Snorkel built into armor for amphibious attacks 
Stats: Smart, calculating. A born leader. 
Voice sounds like: Jack Palance
Number: 72  
Name: Crooked Crow 
Japanese Name: Crowmax 
Beast Name: Sargon 
Description: Black crow in blue-green armor, with yellow shin guards 
Armament: Purple Big Hook Man Catcher 
Stats: Engineering genius. Insatiable appetite. 
Voice sounds like: Rod Serling
Number: 73  
Name: Frenzied Flamingo 
Japanese Name: Mingo Kid 
Beast Name: Galahad 
Description: Pink flamingo in blue armor. 
Armament: Purple check-shaped Performancer spear. "Bolts" on head actually short-wave antenna. 
Stats: Vegetarian. One of seven flying Battle Beasts. Loves to read mystery stories. 
Enemies: Horny Toad 
Voice sounds like: Richard Crenna
Number: 74 
Name: Fleet-Footed Antelope 
Japanese Name: Little Serow (Not to be confused with "Big Serow"-- Deer Stalker) 
Beast Name: Musashi 
Description: Tan antelope in red armor 
Armament: Purple rifle-shaped Serow Carbine spear 
Stats: Vegetarian. Forceful, Exciting and magnetic. 
Voice sounds like: Michael York
Number: 75 
Name: Pugnacious Penguin 
Japanese Name: Penguinis 
Beast Name: Argo 
Description: Black & white penguin in blue armor 
Armament: Purple triangular-shaped Freeze Dryer mace 
Stats: The shortest Battle Beast. Very good at mathematics. Stubborn on outside - soft hearted inside. 
Voice sounds like: Woody Allen
Number: 76 
Name: Ossified Orangutan 
Japanese Name: Udan 
Beast Name: Gibralter 
Description: Brown orangutan in green armor. Lost left arm in battle with Pirate Lion 
Armament: Purple broad-tipped Jungle Spear. Left arm replaced with extra-strong robot arm --causes almost constant pain. 
Stats: Artistic. Short-tempered. Quick to anger. 
Voice sounds like: Ben Gazzara

The Battle Beast comic book ran for only four issues. Interior artwork was in black and white.

Original List by J.Arnold, 1998. Specifications in bold are from Hasbro documentation; "Japanese Names" were the name the toys were sold under in Japan; all other listings original by me.  Pictures from various Internet sources, including Ebay, the late Battle Beast Headquarters, Men in Black,The Battle Beast Center.

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