Portrait Specifics
Number: 29 
Name: Icky Iguana 
Japanese Name: Iguanamons 
Beast Name: Patton 
Description: Lime-green iguana in orange armor 
Armament: Brass lightning-shaped Monsaverer sword 
Stats: Manic-depressive. Can't stand apples. 
Voice sounds like: Leonard Nimoy
Number: 30 
Name: Armored Armadillo 
Japanese Name: Brown Gyro 
Beast Name: Austin 
Description: Light brown armadillo in purple armor 
Armament: Brass double-bladed Gyroder scythe 
Stats: Courageous; Energetic. Exceptional fighter. The only undefeated Battle Beast 
Enemies: Webslinger Spider 
Voice sounds like: Slim Pickens
Number: 31 
Name: Jaded Jaguar 
Japanese Name: Power Jaguar 
Beast Name: Ronin 
Description: Yellow jaguar in red armor 
Armament: Brass Jag Spear 
Stats: Impulsive; Optimistic. 
Voice sounds like: Michael Caine
Number: 32  
Name: Hummungus Hippo 
Japanese Name: Strong Hippo 
Beast Name: Ajax 
Description: Gray hippopotamus in blue armor 
Armament: Brass Aqua Hippo crested axe 
Stats: Irritable, easily distracted. Loud voice. 
Voice sounds like: Oliver Reed
Number: 33  
Name: Major Moose 
Japanese Name: 
Beast Name: Alexander 
Description: Brown moose in green armor 
Armament: Brass Wave-Mooser antler sword 
Stats: Modest, practical. Chews with mouth open. 
Enemies: Roamin' Buffalo 
Voice sounds like: Sean Connery
Number: 34  
Name: Delta Chameleon 
Japanese Name: Green Chameles 
Beast Name: Tao 
Description: Light green chameleon with red eyes in blue armor 
Armament: Brass two-tined Manga Leon battleaxe 
Stats: One of only four female Battle Beasts. Quick temper. 
Voice sounds like: Diana Rigg
Number: 35  
Name: Kickback Kangaroo 
Japanese Name: Jungaroo 
Beast Name: Samson, "The Master of Mayhem" 
Description: Gray kangaroo in aqua-colored armor. Wears boxing glove on left hand 
Armament: Brass Garoorang sword 
Stats: Artistic; Charming. Devious. 
Voice sounds like: Malcom McDowell 
Number: 36  
Name: Octillian Octopus 
Japanese Name: Red Octo 
Beast Name: Juarez 
Description: Red octopus in blue armor 
Armament: Brass double-headed arrow Octo-Anchor spear 
Stats: Friendly; Independent. 
Voice sounds like: Louis Gossett, Jr. 
Number: 37  
Name: Wolfgang Walrus 
Japanese Name: Sea-Iron 
Beast Name: Basil 
Description: Gray walrus in yellow armor. Flipper for left hand 
Armament: Sea Saber spear fires electrical shocks 
Stats: Diplomatic; Easygoing. Can sleep under any circumstances. 
Voice sounds like: Boris Karloff
Number: 38  
Name: Powerhouse Mouse 
Japanese Name: Scout Mouse 
Beast Name: Lancaster 
Description: Gray mouse in red armor. Lost left hand in battle with Pirate Lion
Armament: Brass spade-shaped Scousaber sword, digging claw replaces left hand 
Stats: Affectionate: Dependable. 
Voice sounds like: Peter Cushing
Number: 39  
Name: Dragoon Raccoon 
Japanese Name: Dark Raccoon 
Beast Name: Lancelot 
Description: Dark tan racoon in green armor 
Armament: Brass pinetree-shaped Dark Fire glaive, fires heat ray 
Stats: Creative; Exuberant. Good at sports. 
Voice sounds like: Donald Sutherland
Number: 40  
Name: Antic Anteater 
Japanese Name: Power Nozzle 
Beast Name: Tornado 
Description: Red anteater in green armor 
Armament: Brass Nozzle Arm 3-pincered club, emits high-pitched sonic blast 
Stats: Analytical; Conscientious. 
Voice sounds like: Samuel L. Jackson
Number: 41  
Name: Run Amok Duck 
Japanese Name: Smile Duck 
Beast Name: Ishtar 
Description: Yellow duck in light blue armor 
Armament: Golden Smilon mace/axe, wears armored claw over left hand 
Stats: Generous; Powerful. High pain threshhold. Battle cry: "There's a beatin' in somebody's future!"   
Voice sounds like: Gary Cooper
Number: 42 
Name: Miner Mole 
Japanese Name: Underground 
Beast Name: Diablo 
Description: Lavender mole in black armor. Lost left hand in battle with Killer Carp (bitten off) 
Armament: Golden blunt Ungrinder mech-glaive. Pneumatic claw replaces left hand 
Stats: Receptive; Sensitive. 
Voice sounds like: Anthony Hopkins
Number: 43  
Name: Cutthroat Cuttlefish 
Japanese Name: Cuttledeep 
Beast Name: Sentosa or Mozart 
Description: White cuttlefish. Lost one tentacle in battle with Squire Squirrel. 
Armament: Golden 2-headed short Dream Spear, harpoon replaces tentacle 
Stats: Idealistic; Passionate. Loves music. 
Voice sounds like: Dennis Hopper
Number: 44  
Name: Eager Beaver 
Japanese Name: Beavup 
Beast Name: Memphis, "The Eliminator" 
Description: Yellow beaver, red eyes, in brown armor 
Armament: Golden sawtooth Saw Beat sword 
Stats: Patient; Stable. Does not anger easily. 
Voice sounds like: Bob Hope
Number: 45  
Name: Slasher Seahorse 
Japanese Name: Junior Dragon 
Beast Name: Loki 
Description: Brown seahorse in liht blue armor 
Armament: Golden short bent Screw Spinner trident 
Stats: Persistent; Subtle. Likes to tell jokes. 
Enemies: Deer Stalker 
Voice sounds like: Henry Fonda
Number: 46  
Name: Knight Owl 
Japanese Name: Nightowl 
Beast Name: Maestro 
Description: Brown owl in blue armor. Lost left eye in battle with Saber Sword Tiger 
Armament: Golden fleur-de-lis Night Saber short sword. Left eye replaced with multi-use cyber-eye 
Stats: One of seven flying Battle Beasts. Clever; Explorer. Hums music when he fights. 
Voice sounds like: James Mason
Number: 47  
Name: Hunchback Camel 
Japanese Name: Yellow Camelus 
Beast Name: Hercules 
Description: Tan camel in orange armor (2 humps) 
Armament: Golden water-bag-shaped Airnizer club 
Stats: Patient; Steady. 
Voice sounds like: David Warner
Number: 48   
Name: Pillager Polar Bear 
Japanese Name: Polar Battle Bear 
Beast Name: Brighton 
Description: White polar bear in baby blue armor, red eyes 
Armament: Golden Polar Freezer crescent axe 
Stats: Lively; Versatile. 
Voice sounds like: Gregory Peck
Number: 49  
Name: Squire Squirrel 
Japanese Name: Flying Attacker 
Beast Name: Napoleon 
Description: Yellow flying squirrel in blue armor. Arms control wings 
Armament: Golden Musasa Beamer scimitar 
Stats: One of seven flying Battle Beasts. Philosophical, quiet. 
Enemies: Cutthroat Cuttlefish 
Voice sounds like: Basil Rathbone
Number: 50  
Name: Saber Sword Tiger 
Japanese Name: Platinum Tiger 
Beast Name: Arizona 
Description: Yellow tiger in light blue armor 
Armament: Saber Sword  
Stats: Adaptable; Intellectual. Loves baseball. Battle cry: "Here comes trouble!" 
Enemies: Knight Owl 
Voice sounds like: John Wayne
Number: 51  
Name: Bludgeoning Bulldog 
Japanese Name: Bullhorn 
Beast Name: Boston 
Description: Brown bulldog in black armor 
Armament: Bullstick cane 
Stats: Determined; Disciplined. 
Voice sounds like: John Cleese
Number: 52 
Name: Pew-trid Skunk 
Japanese Name: Ultragas 
Beast Name: Roshi 
Description: Purple skunk with black armor, face shield 
Armament: Golden curved Air-Changer scimitar; Scent gland mutated to produce acid--fires out of armor nozzle 
Stats: Imaginative; Loyal. 
Enemies: Zealot Zebra 
Voice sounds like: Tony Curtis
Note: there are five  feline Battle Beasts (#1 Pirate Lion, #3 Ferocious Tiger, #32 Jaded Jaguar, #50 Saber Sword Tiger and #57 Black Panther), but only three canine Battle Beasts (#21 Danger Dog, #51 Bludgeoning Bulldog, and #61 Pixalated Pointer).

Alphabetical Listing of Battle Beasts:
Antic Anteater (#40)  
Ardent Aardvark (#67)  
Armored Armadillo (#30)  
Bighorn Sheep (# 26)  
Black Panther (# 57)  
Blitzkrieg Bat (# 12)  
Bloodthirsty Bison (# 25)  
Bludgeoning Bulldog (# 51)  
Bodacious Bovine (# 68)  
Colonel Bird (# 4)  
Crooked Crow (# 72)  
Crusty Crab (# 28)  
Cutthroat Cuttlefish (# 43)  
Danger Dog (# 21)  
Deer Stalker (# 2)  
Delta Chameleon (# 34)  
Diving Duckbill (# 71)  
Dragoon Raccoon (# 39)  
Eager Beaver (# 44)  
Ferocious Tiger (# 3)  
Fleet-Footed Antelope (# 74)  
Frenzied Flamingo (# 73)  
Gargantuan Gorilla (# 13)  
Grizzly Bear (# 11)  
Gruesome Gator (# 15)  
Hardtop Tortoise (# 17)  
Hare-Razing Rabbit (# 22)  
Harrier Hawk (# 70)  
Horny Toad (# 7)  
Humungus Hippo (# 32.)  
Hunchback Camel (# 47)  
Icky Iguana (# 29)  
Jaded Jaguar (# 31)  
Kickback Kangaroo (# 35)  
Killer Carp (# 5)  
Killer Koala (# 55)  
King Cobra (# 59)  
Knight Owl (# 46)  
Leapin' Lizard (# 54)  
Major Moose (# 33)  
Manic Mandrill (# 60)  
Miner Mole (# 42.)  
Musky Ox (# 64)  
Octillian Octopus (# 36)  
Ossified Orangutan (# 76)  
Panzer Panda (# 53)  
Pew-trid Skunk (# 52)  
Pillager Polar Bear (# 48)  
Pillager Pig (# 62.  
Pirate Lion (# 1)  
Pixelated Pointer (# 61)  
Powerhouse Mouse (# 38)  
Prickly Porcupine (# 19)  
Pugnacious Penguin (# 75)  
Roamin' Buffalo (# 10)  
Rocky Rhino (# 9)  
Rowdy Rooster (# 63)  
Rubberneck Giraffe (# 18)  
Run Amuck Duck (# 41)  
Saber Sword Tiger (# 50)  
Sawtooth Shark (# 20)  
Sir Sire Horse (# 23)  
Slasher Seahorse (# 45)  
Sledgehammer Elephant (# 8)  
Slowpoke Sloth (# 66)  
Sly Fox (# 16)  
Squire Squirrel (# 49)  
Swiny Boar (# 14)  
Tangolin' Pangolin (# 65)  
Tarsier Tyrant (# 56)  
Torrential Tapir (# 58)  
Triple Threat Snake (# 6)  
War Weasel (# 24)  
Webslinger Spider (# 27)  
Wolfgang Walrus (# 37)  
Zealot Zebra (# 69) 
Original List by J.Arnold, 1998. Specifications in bold are from Hasbro documentation. "Japanese Names" were the name the toys were sold under in Japan; all other listings original by me. . Pictures from various Internet sources, including Ebay, the late Battle Beast Headquarters, Men in Black, &  The Battle Beast Center.

Updated October, 2006.
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