Prologue: They call me Tapestry... This would be my 7th journey to the Burning Man festival in Nevada--seven trips across the American West. I try to vary my route every time, just to see different stuff. Every road and highway offers new adventures. When I go down familiar roads, I like to see what's different, what's changed since the last time I traveled that way... and see how much I've changed.
My faithful steed Satori had already made many trips to Burning Man, but in 2010 it clocked over a quarter million miles, and I was afraid it wasn't up to another trip to the desert. So instead, I drove my 1998 Chevy Cavalier which I had recently acquired from my Mom, God rest her soul. Two months before leaving for the playa, I had driven the Cavalier all the way to North Dakota and back with no problems.
The smaller car meant I could not sleep in my car, as was always a convenient option with Satori. That meant I would have to sleep somewhere else while traveling. I did not relish the idea of assembling and disassembling my 3-man tent every night, but then the solution seemed obvious: get a smaller tent. So, I found a small, one-person pop-up tent at army surplus which I tested on my North Dakota trip, and it worked great. Since I didn't have to save space for sleeping in the car, that meant I could actually bring more stuff with me, so that was a plus. I wasn't worried.
 The funny thing is, this is pretty much the exact route I had planned to take on my first trip to Burning Man in 2003. I wanted to explore a little on my way back home that year, but I had to come straight back because of financial reasons.
It remained to be seen what roads I'd find myself on this trip...
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