I woke up just after 7 AM. The morning Sun was very bright. I found my meal ticket from Monday and rode my bike over the commissary. I put a little too much Rooster Sauce on my eggs, thinking it was ketchup, but it all worked out. The porta-potties at the commissary were always stocked with toilet paper.

I sat down behind the empty bar to catch up on my writing. That’s where I met Annette, a charming redhead who also kept a journal. She said she was doing “fabulous.” Anniversary Guy dropped by with his friend Clayton. They just came from playing sunrise music. He said their friend Caroline was a “little firecracker.” I was shocked at how seriously depleted the bar was that morning. It was completely stocked just the day before, but now the shelves were almost empty. What the heck happened?

Jenn showed up, and we took a bike ride out to the Man. It was a beautiful morning, hardly any wind at all. The center structure inside the Man was built without using any nails; it was all joints and blocks. Still, the Man Watchers had to keep people from climbing around too much on it. 

We rode around and looked at some of the CORE effigies. I saw Legba at Iron Rose camp, getting ready for more trainings that day. That’s where we were gifted some delicious dried berries. They reminded me of Crunchberries. 

We swung by her camp before heading back to HOTD. That’s where I met up with Rhino, whom I had not seen since Interfuse. Rhino said he was hassled by an ATF agent who kept pressuring him to incriminate himself. I found a Corona. I met a pretty girl called Feral, from the Costco Soulmate Exchange. A girl named Amber showed up wearing a floppy hat. She was delighted that Burning Man gave her the opportunity to walk around without underwear. She ran to catch a ride on an art car, but changed her mind when she saw if was full of kids. Jabba’s Sail Barge rolled by. I got on my bike and revisited some of the places I saw Monday, such as the veggie camp, where they shared some amazing salsa. The space where we saw the big toadstools turned out to be a Frisbee golf course.
Back out on the inner playa, I stopped when a big cloud of dust rolled through. As the dust cleared, the wrecked pirate ship slowly emerged from the haze—an amazing sight. Back at HOTD, I spoke with Annette and the Captain. Annette was still waiting on her luggage, which the airline lost but promised to deliver… to Gerlach. After noon, the bar got very busy, and a little frantic, considering our depleted stores. A beautiful girl dressed all in white and carrying a green parasol walked by. I met a charming blonde girl from Sacred Spaces—Love Bug? The Pimp yr Bike camp across the street was doing a booming business. I spotted Ranger Inkwell walking towards the commissary.
Dot came by the bar and gave me a hug. She was camped over at Hushville. The big project that afternoon was to assemble the shower. I figured out the pump and how the propane water heater worked, but we had to get it all put together so that someone taking a shower could reach the controls. It could’ve been better. The heater only worked when water was pumping through it. I worried about getting the input and output nozzles correct until I realized: the heater didn't pump the water. It didn't matter which was which. We also had to tack up a curtain. I got to take the first shower, and that’s when the hose to the pump came off—a quick fix, but annoying. It felt really good to be clean. Well, cleaner. The bar was jumping with live music on stage.
That evening, I went to the Ranger social at Berlin. That’s where I talked with Bumblebee and his trainer. Someone was giving out very nice lanyards. I had a beer and met Ranger Violet. Around the burn barrel, I talked with Ranger Catnip, who had visited Chaco Canyon. She said the road in was more like 30 miles. About a month before leaving for the playa, I ordered some glow in the dark necklaces to give away to people, but they really didn’t glow that well. When it got windy and dusty, I headed back to camp.
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