Burning Man 2008:
"The American Dream"
Call me Tapestry... This would be my fifth journey to the Burning Man festival. I almost didn't go at all. I had planned to go with some friends, but when their plans went awry, I felt bad about going without them. When I finally did get a ticket, all the cheaper tickets had already sold out, so I ended up spending more than I had budgeted for. Many people, including me, were uninspired by that year's theme. People I'd looked forward to seeing on the playa decided to not go that year. The tent I'd planned on taking got destroyed in a storm. The biggest expense -- gasoline-- was getting more and more expensive that summer. Right up until I left for the festival, my plans kept changing, almost daily.
 Originally, I had planned an ambitious tour of the American West on my way to and from Burning Man. I was looking forward to a great adventure. About six weeks before the event, however, I found out the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas was closing its doors forever. The final day would be September 1st-- the last day of Burning Man. The Star Trek Experience was the closest thing to Mecca for Star Trek fans. As a life-long fan, this would be my only chance to see it before it closed. I somehow had to include it in my trip.
So, I scrapped all my plans and came up with a shorter, more direct route. It would take me down mostly familiar highways, but with some new sights, too. It also gave me a chance to slow down a little, explore, and enjoy the sights. The advantage to traveling alone is the freedom to change your plans when you need to.
...And what is the American Dream if not freedom?
Broken Arrow to Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Journey West
The Sketchbook
The Journey East
Broken Arrow to Albuquerque
Black Rock City to Provo
Albuquerque to Las Vegas
Provo to Pueblo
Las Vegas to Beatty
Pueblo to Broken Arrow
 Beatty to Black Rock City
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